Production and programmes

Art Agency

Offer of Cultural and Music Productions


Trumpeters wearing costumes are welcoming guests at the beginning of each event.

Musical background

Musical background at receptions, cocktail parties, gala dinners and weddings. Music background may be provided upon request also in case of a boat or tram trip. Music production lasts for approximately 3 hours.

Duets, trios, quartets

Classic music orchestras

Production includes an hour’s programme without soloists

Dance bands

Folklore music

Medieval folk music

Musicians are playing replicas of historical music instruments

Historical music

Various events organized at castles and chateaus, musicians wearing period costumes. Spiritual Gothic and Renaissance music. Medieval Christmas carols and old Czech songs and ballads.
Production and programmes

Opera arias with piano accompaniment

Disco music

Upon your request we will organize a disco, including sound and light arrangements, wide music spectrum offered.

Dance Production
Spanish dances
We offer a selection of traditional Spanish dances flamenco, 2 guitars accompaniment.
Modern dance
Selection of modern dance – the Graham technique, illustration of sport rock and roll.
Show dance
Programme selection of European masters in show dance.

Country dance
Production and programmes

Selection of traditional American country dances and Mexican folk dances. The performance lasts for approximately 5 minutes.

Folklore dances

Selection of traditional folklore dances of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia for 1 - 8 couples. Old Bohemian dances. The performance lasts for approximately 20 minutes.

Period and historical dances

Selection of period and historical dances from the Gothic period, Renaissance and Baroque. Dances from nobility manors. Following the dance performance you may get involved in active teaching of dances. The performance lasts for approximately 5 minutes.
Historical Swordplay and other Arrangements

Selection of historical swordplay

We offer a selection of historical swordplay, period costumes depending on the environment – knights in armament, musketeers; we also offer a very attractive fencing school.

Crossbow shooting

We offer crossbow and bow shooting, axe throwing, knife and spear throwing.

Indian village

We offer construction of 3 - 5 Indian wigwams, horse and pony riding school, riding of an electronic bull, contests in bow shooting, spear throwing, bead stringing, etc.