Outdoor activities

The FCT Agency, in conjunction with professional outdoor instructors organizes various sport events tailor made upon individual intentions and requirements.

Offer of Sport activitiesRafting

Company events focused on outdoor activities experience and subsequent analysis
Various sport activities take place in untraditional natural environment offering you exceptional experience and feelings – you can check the boundaries of your potentials.

Company events focused on co-operation of individual work team members in unusual outdoor activities.
It is not a big problem to find out how individual work team members work under standard working conditions. However, if a manager wants to see how his/her employees will react to non-standard situations, which nobody can expect, he/she may watch them behaving in simulated situations and solving the related problems. Team co-operation, mutual communication of team members among themselves, creativity, responsibility and self-recognition.

Amusement and sport oriented weekends and stays intended for both adults and youth.
A pleasant stay in the recreational centre offering various sport activities for children and mainly adults. Children should create their own company, as well as the adults. You can choose from a wide assortment of activities: tennis, table tennis, mini golf, cycling, canoeing or rafting, orientation games, basic knowledge of mountaineering, outdoor games and exercises, etc.Bowling

Each of the offers may be tailor-made according to the requirements of individual teams – different conditions and environment.