Variable and Supporting Structures and Stages

Professional technical arrangement of company, cultural and social events

Complete selection of high quality and variable supporting structures, stages and roofs (SLICK), which fully meet the requirements concerning creation of a stage design;

The asset of this technique is fast and simple construction, easy installation of light and sound systems;

Variable supporting structures are used for both external and internal events, beginning with mini conferences to mega tours of show business stars.

Stage – the NIVTEC Company, producer: Germany

Dimension: one board 2 x 1 m

Height: a stage is variable depending on the used supports/legs (approximately 20 cm - 200 cm).

Stages – total dimensions

Basic dimensions: 3 x 4; 4 x 5; 10 x 4; 6 x 8; 10 x 6; 9 x 7 metres, the standard size is 6 x 8 metres. It is possible to construct any size of a stage, including a stepped stage. Stages may be covered by a carpet in different colours corresponding with the customer’s wish. Soffits around the stage may be also skirted.

Stages may be constructed on asphalt surface, concrete, marble, grass, even on a mild slope.