Professional Scenic Illumination

We have at our disposal the best equipment available on the market. We provide high quality illumination using components produced by renowned companies - ARRI, ADB, AVOLITES, JANDS, MARTIN, ROBERT JULIAT, CHROMA Q (for example reflectors, profile reflectors, PAR reflectors, exterior reflectors, follows spots, moving heads, colour changers, stroboscopes, scanners, robocolours, blinders, etc.)


ADB dimmers; mist devices MDG , REEL, EFX; tripods MANFROTTO; motors for supporting structure VERLINDE; control panels AVOLITES, etc.


Your illumination idea maybe pre-realised by means of a professional computer programme SHOWDESIGNER in the 3D format.

Scenic and show illumination - technique

Scenic illumination and its utilization in practice

Besides high quality technical equipment we also offer professionals from the area of lighting/illumination! We will be more than happy to design for you exceptional light effects, including showing of the light design on the computer. The scenes at all the organized events are designed and realized in such a way that they always meet all the organizers’ requirements and correspond even with the most demanding safety requirements.